Freelance Writers Are Here To Stay: Forget Article Spinning Software


Freelance writers vs. article spinners

Freelance writers are individuals who write for a living (mostly online) for anyone who wishes to hire their services. Just recently, article spinners were the in thing because they promised to do the job of freelance writers better and faster. For those who don’t know what an article spinner is, (its a software that spins around text in an article to make a new article that qualifies as authentic according to plagiarism software).

By now you already know you can’t copy articles from a website and paste them on your site. Well, you can but it would not be smart to do that since your website will never be ranked on Google, Yahoo, Bing or any other search engine. Why should you worry about ranking on search engines? Well, everyone uses search engines like Google to find information online today. To cut a long story short, you need to post original content on your website every time to make sure people can find your site online via Google, Yahoo, Bing etc.

Going back to article spinners, most people thought they had finally offered webmasters a better alternative to hiring freelance writers. When article spinners hit the market, they appeared to solve a very common problem faced by webmasters. Finally, webmasters would be able to create authentic website content automatically. All you had to do was find content you liked online, paste it on your software and boom! Create an original version of the article. In the beginning, article spinning software became a nightmare to most freelance writers who thought they would be rendered jobless. Looking back, article spinners have never posed a real threat to freelance writers. Here’s why;

Article spinners produce content with poor readability

Have you ever tried to spin an authentic article? The resulting article has very poor readability.  This is expected since article spinners simply use synonyms to create new content. For instance, they change the word spin in an original article to rotate. When you do this after every three to four words in an article with hundreds of words, the resulting article reads horribly. Although you won’t be penalised by search engines for copying content, your website visitors won’t enjoy reading your content. That’s for sure. Unless you don’t care about readability, avoid article spinners and use freelance writers to create readable website content. Your website visitors will be happier.

The Google factor

Google’s fight for authenticity online is unwavered. Google continues to launch new updates frequently that make ranking tougher for webmasters who aren’t genuine and focused on giving their audiences the best. It therefore doesn’t make any sense why a webmaster would want to compromise their authenticity and risk being banned for good from search results. Although article spinners produce articles which can pass as authentic today, spun content is a ticking time bomb. The definition of authentic content will keep changing in the future until there is very little or no space for content that isn’t 100% authentic. Don’t wait for Google to ban your site.

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Article spinners have more cons than pros

The only real ‘’benefit’’ of article spinners is they are able to create articles which qualify as authentic in the eyes of plagiarism software. Apart from that, the rest is just bad news. For instance, the resulting articles have poor readability and lack creativity which repels instead of attracting website traffic. Also, you risk having your site banned by search engines in the future as Google intensifies its fight to promote authenticity. With the way things are going, it’s just a matter of time before Google is able to identify and flag spun content. When you consider other cons i.e. the cost of buying an article spinner, the risk-reward factor or using spun content on your site, you are better off hiring freelance writers from article writing services like wordstrader.



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